Welcome to Teen Writing Toolbox

Welcome to Teen Writing Toolbox! This blog will serve as a resource for teen librarians and teen writers alike. This blog was created for LIS 9364 at Western University. We are three graduate students in the MLIS program. For more information about us, please see the About Us page. The goal of this blog is to provide resources and tools for teen writers and librarians looking to create writing programs for teens. Librarians can consult the Programming page for some writing program ideas, as well as the Teen Writers section for display materials written by young adults. Teens interested in writing can check out the different types of writing styles that are often present in library writing programs. As a scaffolding technique for new authors, fanfiction is highlighted. Other types of writing include original fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and mixed media. Teens and librarians alike can also check out the Resources page for tips on getting published, printing their books, and activities for overcoming writer’s block.

 “Teens write. They journal, chat, slam, critique, spin tales, improvise, riff, and rap. But mostly, teens soliloquize. Though writing groups for adults abound, and dozens of online teen writing “clubs” offer exercises and self-publishing opportunities, precious few offer opportunities to overcome the isolation of writing and connect with peers around their own, personal, nonacademic writing.

That’s too bad, because teens – even teens who revel in committing their most secret selves to journals hidden and double-locked and labelled KEEP OUT in desperate, colorful language – live at the mercy of the primal urge to connect.” – Constance Hardesty


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